Breastcancerbible. Facts, portraits and stories.


The first complete overview of everything you ever wanted to know about breast cancer.


One in nine women in Belgium will develop breast cancer at some point in their lives. While science is increasingly promising a cure, knowledge about breast cancer among the general public still appears to be very fragmented. Patients, those close to them and healthcare providers alike are left with questions about the disease, its impact on self-image, relationships and sexuality, among other things, and how to continue life after breast cancer.


While existing publications often cover only partial aspects of breast cancer or offer only testimonials, this book provides the ultimate complete overview, which has been built from many conversations with doctors, professors, psychologists, patients and ex-patients.


This 'bible' guides patients, their partners, family members and friends without taboos through the entire process from before diagnosis to after treatment. Everything is covered: from pure scientific information on breast cancer to the psychological impact of the disease to existing pitfalls and myths to be debunked. Facts and figures are alternated with testimonials from patients, their partners and children, and the best specialists.


Portraits by photographer Lieve Blancquaert add even more depth to the texts by Barbara Debusschere (science journalist at De Morgen). Everyone is featured: from young to old, from atheist to Muslim, from woman to man, from hopeful to incurably ill. These portraits and compelling stories cover the whole spectrum of breast cancer.


Breast Cancer Bible is a timeless document for a disease that unfortunately will not disappear any time soon.


“Understanding breast cancer rationally and learning to deal with it emotionally is what this book tries to bring to all those involved from afar or close by.”

— Hans Wildiers, Oncologist UZ Leuven


“As an outsider, we only get to hear a piece of the breast cancer story. This book brings the full story into the picture, also literally. Lieve and Barbara show and articulate the before and the after.”

— Paul Verhaeghe, Professor of Psychology Ghent University


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