Floods Vesdervalley, Belgium

Portraits of survivors of the floods of the 14th of July 2021 in the Vesdervalley, Belgium. Article with Fien Sabbe for Belgian Newspaper december 2021 (De Morgen - Zeno).


"Almost everyone we speak to breaks down and cries. The people here are totally exhausted. Not only are their homes destroyed, but their respect and trust for the leadership of this country is completely shattered. 


Some women from a small voluntary organisation took us behind the facades of some affected homes in the region of the floods. The anger, the sadness, the helplessness of the people are hard to describe. [...]


They wonder aloud where all those millions from the Red Cross have gone? Where is the disaster fund support? How easy is it to take the stage just after a catastrophe and make big promises? How difficult apparently to keep that word?' 


One thing quickly becomes clear after visiting this area that even God seems to have forgotten: Not everyone here will celebrate Christmas in a warm home."


- Fien Sabbe & Lieve Blancquaert