Let's talk about sex

Let's talk about sex is a seven-part documentary in which Lieve Blancquaert talks to people worldwide about sexuality.


After the trilogy Birth day, Wedding day and Last days, photographer Lieve Blancquaert once again travels the world to delve into a universal and burningly relevant topic: sexuality. In the new documentary series Let's talk about sex, she finds out how men and women, -in different places in the world and in different cultures-, deal with love, relationships, gender and sex.


"Every day I continue to be amazed about why we - men, women and X - are sometimes so far apart? The need to understand each other better sexually is urgent. I have witnessed the issues of gender inequality in many places around the world. It is no wonder that an action like #MeToo has triggered so much worldwide."

– Lieve Blancquaert


In seven episodes, Blancquaert tries to gain insight into how the world experiences sexuality. She travels to Japan, Thailand, Island, Brasil, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Belgium. Each episode has a different focus, specific to the place where she is. Blancquaert talks about fidelity and infidelity, transactional sex, dating, single culture, toxic masculinity, body positivity, gender (in)equality, free love, sexting, sexual violence, and so much more. People everywhere trust her to talk about topics that are often still taboo and call for more attention and understanding.