Uit één vinger valt men niet


In 2005, the Convent Minderbroedersklooster in Ghent was closed. The last monks and priests from the Franciscan order disappeared into retirement homes.


Photographer Lieve Blancquaert took a series of pictures of the intact house, which inspired Erwin Mortier to write a brilliant series of poems. They may be images of forgotten and abandoned objects, but they are not sad images. A button box, filled to the brim. An oft-used bar of soap on an old-fashioned kitchen counter. A made-up single bed. And, perhaps most tellingly: a yellowed spot on the wall where a crucifix must have hung for decades.


The texts and the pictures complement each other perfectly: they seem to comment on each other while also being able to speak for themselves separately.


You can order the book here: https://www.debezigebij.nl/boek/uit-een-vinger-valt-men-niet/