Vrouw - Woman


A book by, about and for women. Parallel to the exhibition at St Peter's Abbey in Ghent, 2003.


In this book, Betty Mellaerts portrays 10 women over 40 years old: a woman doctor, a reporter, a writer, a fashion designer, a former fashion model, a Trappistine, a musician, a comedienne, a café boss and a company manager. She had in-depth conversations with them about life, their work, ideals, values and relationships.


Many women in their forties and older have found a certain balance and wisdom in life. They can be themselves in their professional and private lives. All the frills have been thrown overboard, only the essence remains.


Photographer Lieve Blancquaert beautifully captures the women interviewed and photographed another forty women over forty.  The portraits are recognisable, intimate and authentic.