In Godsnaam - In the name of God

Annemie Struyf returns to the convent in Brecht


For this book Annemie Struyf returns to the convent in Brecht, Belgium, three years after her first, successful TV series In Godsnaam. Lieve Blancquaert provided fascinating behind-the-scenes photos.


In 2009, Annemie Struyf was exceptionally admitted into the contemplative world of the nuns in the enclosed order. Where she had expected other-worldly beings, she met women of integrity and gentleness.


Since her stay in the convent, she kept in touch with the nuns, because their extreme life choices continued to fascinate her. Who wants to live voluntarily behind lock and key? Who wants to be poor, chaste and obedient? That is why Annemie joined them again in 2012 at the convent. Together they seek answers to the questions that remained unanswered. What desire do these sisters awaken in us? What makes their spirituality so special?